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Creative Technology


Creative Technology

I love creative projects involving technology that are hard to define. Past projects include technology such as Arduino, 3D printing, Internet of things, smart speakers, and projectors.


View a video of me getting a beer from Arnie


The CEO asked us to make the agency beer vending machine more fun and interactive. No problem! A team of creatives, an engineer and I worked together to create Arnie, Arnold’s new CCOO (Chief Cold One Officer). He’s in charge of beer, and we love him. We worked with the existing parts in the vending machine, added an Arduino Uno and an old processor, gave him some new threads, and a bunch of animated facial expressions, and voila - Arnie was born!

My role: digital producer

Technology used: Arduino

3D printed professionals

In just a couple of weeks, I brought to life a 3D-printed prototype of a toy idea with the help of some creative technologists at Artisan’s Asylum and a creative team at Arnold.

Christina’s role: creative producer

Technology used: 3d design software and 3d printers

Play the video to see the final prototype after painting

The possibilities are endless

Get in touch if you have an odd project in mind, even if you’re not sure what to call it or how to define it. Even if I can’t do it myself, chances are I know someone who can help. My main job for creative technology projects will be to figure out how to do it. As a creative producer, I reach out to creative and engineer contacts to make a plan, schedule and budget. Sometimes I wear an artist or technologist hat as well to help with the creation depending on the project and team. In any case, these are my favorite types of projects so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I have additional branded case studies that I can share if you’re interested in seeing more.